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Had a great morning with Malcolm on Saturday. Hes fished with me before on the usk, but has a lot of fishing in Tasmania under his belt for trout and khawai. Malcolm’s cast was ok, but he wanted to get better and learn to double haul, he has ideas of catching bass in the surf. The main problem Malcolm had was a tailing loop on the forward cast, caused by poor power application (it was difficult to diagnose).

With the power application sorted, the loops became smaller and the casting stroke more controlled. We tried some hauling but it was decided that we would save that for another day.

Malcolms task is to sharpen those loops, and STOP that rod as efficiently as possible.  It was nice to have the theories I was trying to put across challenged, I had to back up everything I was saying!   Cant wait to get him hauling and getting him casting at night for the river neath sewin.






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