Delayed Gratification.

I was pleased to give instruction to Malcolm on what for him would be his local beat on the usk. Malcolm had contacted me with a yearning to start fishing for grayling and trout on his local patch. He already had experience fishing the waters of Tasmania for its brown trout and kahawai  but wanted to learn how to get stuck into his home waters.




I decided that it would be good for Malcolm to get on the river as soon as possible so he could fish what was left of the trout season and have a full winter on the grayling. Conditions couldn’t have been worse, high sun, windy and a very low river. But we both new this and instruction was the order of the day. The Trallong Abercamlias beat is manly bedrock with gravel. Difficult casting because of foliage (Malcolm soon found this out). First step was to allow Malcolm to feel comfortable wading on the bedrock which can be a challenge. We set up with an upstream nymph under an indicator. I took Malcolm a while to come to terms with the casting and line control.


We fished the whole beat which given Malcolms health was good going on a day when the fishing was hard, very hard. Im hoping the day on the river has given Malcolm the confidence to fish the rivers of the Wye & Usk with a bit more confidence (especially with a wading stick).

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