Got to track straight Dave….

Last night I had the pleasure of welcoming Dave up from Barry who wanted to make his days at Beacons Llyn a more enjoyable experience. Dave has been a carp angler for many years and has done a little fly fishing, but he now wants to concentrate on his wild stillwater brownies…..and hes doing well chwarae teg.

No sign of a spod.

No sign of a spod.

 The main point of focus was to diagnose a tracking fault on Daves back cast which was causing a frustrating tangle on the forward cast, similar to a tailing loop. We needed to try a few ways of correcting this but eventually got there. Finally we were able to improve Daves loop shape and getting him double hauling towards the end of the 3 hour lesson. This was a really good evening session where I saw big improvements in Daves practical casting, very rewarding.

Dave, watch that tracking fault doesn’t creep back in.


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