Learning the double haul.

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of teaching Chris from Neath how to double haul his beautiful 9’6″ #7 hardy angel. The wind was a real pain, changing direction every other cast. This didn’t make the task any easier for what can be a difficult skill to learn, especially for more experienced anglers who have been casting with out a haul for sometime.

No slack!

No slack!

Chris had a nice cast to start with. He fishes Eglwys Newydd and does really well there but wants to do better against that wind that blows over Swansea bay. Chris strung up with a #7 airflo 40+ and level 10′ leader and fluff. I demonstrated the difference that a good quality tapered leader makes to the turnover of the cast, which against a level leader is quite dramatic.

Firstly Chirs had to understand why it was important to be able to change the shape of his loops and cast clean slack free loops. I explained that its pointless learning to haul if all you are doing is taking slack out of the cast. After an hour or so the loops where looking sharper, tighter and cleaner so it was time to concentrate on that hauling hand.

After using the method fellow AAPGAI instructor Lee Cummings(www.stsflyfishing.co.uk) showed me, Chris started getting the timing right on his double haul. If you’ve not tried it, then imagine patting your head while rubbing your belly.  After a little practise on his own over the coming week, im sure Chris will have an effective haul in no time. Well done Chris, it was a great lesson.

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