Loops and haul.

Great 3hrs with Lee yesterday who’d traveled over from caerphilly, mainly to learn to double haul his 10′ #8 hardy demon (lovely rod).

Both hands.

Both hands.


Lee wanted more distance from his cast and better turnover into the wind at the ‘fancy Dan’ stillwaters he fishes like http://www.lechladetrout.co.uk/ and http://www.deversprings.co.uk/homepage/. He fishes more down to earth local fisheries like http://sevenoaksfishfarm.co.uk/ too, and seems to do quite well.

First we had to stop him overpowering his stroke, tighten his loops and then get him hauling. After 2 hours he was much sharper and able to hold up 40+ ft of line with a haul as a posed to 28ft unhauled. He was shooting line far futher by the end of the lesson, even by his own admission.

The last hour we spend learning to cast off the left shoulder, which allows Lee to fish banks with the lefthanders when the wind is ‘wrong’!


Well done Lee.

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