Have you heard the one about the nurse and two doctors…..


Clair, Herc and Marsha


Herc had arrived from Thurso, Scotland to meet up with Claire and Marsha to introduce them to flyfishing. Gludy is a great place to have your first cast as anglers can use the boat to make avoiding the wind a little easier. There were plenty of fish rising even in late october.

During the first hour, Herc learned to double haul. He picked it up in no time, even turning the fly over into a strong headwind.

Claire and Marsha used up the final 2hrs. They had never cast a line before so we started off with just trying to get a fishing cast together in order for them to be able to fish during the afternoon (Herc was already on the water). Both picked up the casting well with no dramas.

I hope they caught some fish….it was a long way to come for Herc to blank!


Abel family

I had a fantastic two days guiding Abel, Naoko and Hannah at Glanusk and at Tan-y-Graig stillwater. I learned a small amount of japanese and an even smaller amount of catalan!


We had showers during both days, hooked lots of fish, but didn’t land them.


Glanusk has it all, fish, scenery and easy access,

California bound.


Yannick and his girlfriend had a trip booked to the west coast of America and wanted to fly fish while they were there.

They needed to learn cast first which is were I came in! Hope they got into some fish on thier trip