Wayne’s World.

I welcomed Wayne on Friday who had driven over from Cardiff for a casting lesson. He wants to fish the salt for bass in the future and has found learning to cast a fly on his own difficult and frustrating. We pitched up at a local farm pond/field that I have permission to use and proceeded to get those loops cast effectively.

Watch the loop Wayne.

Watch the loop Wayne.


The wind was terrible, and Wayne found it difficult to cast with out the wind becoming a distraction. Unfortunately this is also a feature of fishing the coast and we both agreed the wind is something that isn’t going to go away! I think its fair to say that Wayne  found the casting hard. He is used to using a beachcaster and was showing a lot of the traits of a pendulum cast. The grip was the main thing holding him back. He gripped the rod far to tightly and as a result couldn’t stop the rod effectively and he was in effect dampening the action of the rod (a sonic 9’6” 6/7, nice rod).

I hope Wayne is practicing, he shows good potential with a great attitude. I hope he books for further lessons once he’s done a little practice.

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