Windy Volcano.

I was really looking forward to this session. Robert came up to see me form Cardiff. He had booked onto an Icelandic salmon fishing holiday through fellow AAPGAI members company Jim Curry and Bob Sherwood had recommended Rob have a few lessons before the holiday so he would get the most from his fishing and not get a red Francis cone head in the ear!


Iceland bound.

Iceland bound.

Rob turned up with some really nice kit, a #6 hardy sintrix which he was going to be using on the salmon. He also wanted to get some advise on line choice and having fished Iceland 4 times, I new that high winds and small flies where the main features.

 The main fault that I found with Rob was a tendency to creep before the stop and overpowering the stroke. Once we had this fixed and the loops became cleaner and tighter without those tailing loops, we moved on to getting an effective double haul which would get the advised rio iLine through that arctic wind.

 Job done. Rob posted a pick of one of the salmon he landed on facebook. By all accounts his casting was top notch!

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